100 Word Challenge

One day at a farmers market there was a heap of people.

There was fresh food, farm animals and you could shop for vegetables.

At one stall there was jam, and this girl was trying raspberry jam and she bit her tongue, and ” She just wouldn’t stop crying.”

Her Mum and Dad took her to the car and said to her “Stop crying!”

the girl didn’t stop crying and she had to go home.

When they got home she was still crying until midnight.

The next day when the girl woke up, she started crying again, and that’s the story. ūüôā

Berry Preserves with Grandpa's Sherry

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What I Learnt

In the past 2 weeks I learnt about BODMAS ( Brackets of division, Multiplication, addition and subtraction).

I really enjoyed BODMAS because it’s fun and I learnt what the power is. I also enjoyed all of the different activities.

“All Aboard”

Hi it’s Olivia here, and I’m going to talk about the concert.

On the 7th of October we had our school concert called ” All Aboard “.¬† I was an actor and me and my class did 2 songs Waka Waka and La La La\We are one.

I think we should improve on making shore everyone and everything is there 3 songs before the¬†class goes on. Some people didn’t have their props, But acted like it was meant to happen, witch I loved. I also think we should be a bit more organised.

Over all the concert was great and…

Thank you to Mrs. Teoh for the amazing concert¬†ūüôā

Abcedarian poem

A is for Africa a place with deserts

B is for Brazil a place that loves soccer

C is for China a place with traditions

D is for Denmark a very nice place

E is for Ecuador a place that loves eggs

F is for Finland a place that loves fins

G is for Germany a place that is full of festivals

H is for Hong Kong a place for King Kong

I is for Ice land a place that loves cold ice

J is for Japan a place with sushi

K is for Korea a place full of lovely food

L is for Latvia the home of ice hockey

M is for Mexico a place with taco’s

By Olivia

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Term 4

¬†Hi it’s Olivia here,

and today I’m going to talk about term 4.

I’m really happy that it is term 4 because it’s the last term of the year and after term 4 it is Christmas. I’m also happy that it is term 4 because I get to learn new things, achieve my goals and it’s my Birthday in term .


T E letter R letter M

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All Aboard

Hi It’s Olivia here.

Last night my school had a concert called “All Aboard” .

I really enjoyed the concert and I loved everyone’s costumes, hair and make up. I also really liked all of the acting parts and the traveling theme. I had an acting part with Nick and Max¬†, we were tourists and we were traveling to China. I had a bag and a suitcase and we were flying with budjet world tours. Our two songs were Waka Waka and we are one\La la la. I was only a little bit nervous¬†for my acting part. I was really¬†happy to dance!


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4 Days

¬†Hi it’s Olivia and it’s¬†4 days till my birthday and i’m so exited .

Bianka’s birthday

On the 27th of August is my friend Bianka’s birthday.

I’m going to give her a gift and I hope she will like it!

At the start I thought her birthday was next month but I asked her when it was and she said it was this month.

Please leave a comment and say happy Birthday on the 27th of August.

My Weekend

My weekend was great and I loved every bit of it! On Saturday I didn’t do much I just stayed home all day and¬†made paper planes. On Sunday I went to a birthday party and it was so much fun. We got teddy bear balloons with love hearts on the top. The cake was so good it had chocolate layers and on top it had chocolate roses and then we got ice cream. It was so much fun!

What did you do on the Weekend ?

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Random act of kindness video

Hi It’s Olivia here and I would like you to watch this video about random act of kindness. You might be surprised that it brought a tear to my eyes.¬†Enjoy and tell me what you think about it.

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