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Hi It’s Olivia here and today I’m going to talk about my out of school friend Laura.

We both meet when we went camping and we usually meet each other every  year.

We keep in touch by writing letters to each other. We are friends for life and we will never forget about each other.


best friends for life!

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My Brother’s Birthday!

On the 15th of July it is my Brother’s birthday! He is turning 17.

My Brother got his birthday present earlier because it would be hard to hide and that thing is a bike and something else that he

doesn’t know about . I can’t tell you because he might be reading and then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

We are going to have a party but with only my Family and my Auntie.

Ice cream cake

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Concert song

For our school concert this year one of my class songs is Waka Waka by Shakira.

I love this song! here is the lyrics video. Enjoy!

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Minions movie

When I found out that there is a new minions movie coming out I was so happy. I am obsessed with minions. Enjoy!

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inside out

I really want to see inside out. I think

 I will be laughing all the way through the movie.

My Name Day

On the 15th of June it was my name day. I really enjoyed my name day because I went to my swimming lessons and I got something I really wanted and that was the family feud game. I also got other things and they were a master chef blow torch , a master chef cooking bag , jelly beans and a dog key ring. I also loved my name day because got to spend it with my friends at school.

This was the best name day ever!

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My Mum’s birthday

On the 5 of June it was my Mum’s birthday. My Mum was so happy with the things I gave her and those things were a beautiful box to keep all of her memories and a card. My Mum really enjoyed the card because I asked all of my friends to sign it.

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100 word challenge

The 100 word challenge is when you write a story with a phase. I have written my own 100 word challenge with the phase all at once they fell over.

First of June had come and so that meant that the next 3 months were mayhem. Matthew owned a fruit shop and Matthew hated winter season especially when the wind came along. Matthew had woken up to the shuttering sound of the wind bashing on the windows and he groaned. Matthew opened his shop as usual, and all of the windows just would not shut! when the wind came along the first row of fruits came rolling. One day nothing rolled down! The next day only one fruit came down. One day all at once they all fell over.

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Master chef

master chef is the best cooking show ever and I think you should watch it.

In master chef there are many challenges and they are called mystery box, pressure test, elimination, immunity and team work. I like all of the master chef contestants and there names are: (eliminated ones) James and Marcus (still in the competition) Amy, Andrea, Anna, Ashleigh, Ava, Billie, Fiona, Georgia, Jacqui, Jamie, Jarrod, Jessica, Jessie, John, Kha, Kristina, Matthew, Melita, Reynold, Rose, Sara and Stephen. Master chef is on ten at 7:30 Monday ,Tuesday ,Wednesday ,Thursday ,Friday and Sunday.

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This term for inquiry we are doing a unit on the first settlers who came to Australia.

I am interested in why did they kick out the aboriginals?

I am going to work really hard with my partner and we are going to present it by doing a poster ,PowerPoint and a 3D model.

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