My Aims

 I have aims for the week and these aims are to use powerful verbs and strong adjectives. I need to use powerful verbs and strong adjectives in my narratives, I need to think when I am writing stories to improve. I will need to use powerful verbs and strong adjectives in NAPLAN if we have to write a narrative.

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On the morning of Easter Sunday I woke up knowing I’m going to get a lot of eggs. First me and my family went to church when we came home the Easter egg hunt had started and I got 29 eggs. Later that day my Auntie came for dinner we had roast beef and I shared my eggs with her and my family.

It was such a fun day!

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Public speaking

Hi Everyone,

At school we have a lady called Sylvia and she teaches us public speaking. The whole point of public speaking is that you will be confident when speaking. A few things I’ve learnt is impromptu speaking and never ever do FIG LEAF. Impromptu speaking is when you make it up on the spot. on Wednesday the 18th of March 2015 we have a public speaking night a public speaking night is when you have ten speakers main and 4 impromptu speakers for our public speaking night our impromptu speakers were Sarah, Talia, Dan and Nicolas.

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About Me

Hi my is Olivia,
I live in a family of five theirs my Mum, my Dad, brother and Sister. My favorite holiday place is Sydney, Queensland, Torquay and the Grampians . In my spear time I like to cook with my Mum, draw and watch TV. In school my favorite subject is math and reading I like theses subjects because they are fun and interesting.

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